Published Work

I write for various ministries in addition to my own blog. 

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Desiring God:

Five Ways to Break Bad Habits

Pray Big Things for Your Little Ones

God Carried Us with Promises: Five Truths Strong Enough for Any Trial

Her View from Home:

To the Mom Who’s Struggling through Summer

When the Fear of Failure Keeps You from Trying

To the Mother Who Feels Like She Doesn’t Belong

Proverbs 31 Woman:

Life is Not About Failure.  It’s About Surrender.

You Are Called to Mentor Younger Women

Christian Devotions Ministries:

You Are Cherished

The Promise for Your Affliction

The Secret Path to Fulfillment

Bring Your Longing to Jesus

Putting on the New:

God Pursues You When You’re Ignoring Him

Relevant Magazine:

Five Reasons You Still Feel So Unfulfilled

How to Recover When You’re Over Adulting

Converge Magazine:

What God Thinks about the Sin You Can’t Quit


For When You Wish You Were Different

Live Nourished:

Four Lessons from the Woman at the Well

Mom Life Chronicles:

Four Ways to Love Your Life More Than You Do Right Now

Blogs by Christian Women:

When Ministering to Others Feels Too Costly

The Freedom of Obedience

Heart to Heart:

When You Want More from Your Life

Finding God in Silence

Don’t Miss the Beautiful

He’s Alive

Small Beginnings

The Gift of Sacrifice

Fully Loving Fully Living

Hidden Words

Sit.  Wait.  Listen.


Steps of Faith


What’s at the Center

Equipped in Our Weakness

Show Me Your Face

With Fresh Eyes

God with Us

A Heritage of Holiness


Remember and Rejoice

A Productive Life

Till it Hurts

Slow Down and Watch

Sacrificial Support

From Critical to Thankful

A Woman to Follow

Honoring Our Father

Pleasing Him

Lower Still

Time for a Move

The Highest Calling

A Shining Light

Song of Solomon Series

The Praying Woman:

Five Things to Do When You Feel Empty and Broken